How to Stoke a Gasoline Fire: Trump and Affirmative Action

I just finished watching Donald J. Trump endorse a new bill in the Senate aimed at slashing legal immigration levels over a decade.  This is a goal Trump endorsed on the campaign trail, and it would represent a profound change to U.S. immigration policies that have been in place for half a century.

Trump appeared with Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.) and David Perdue (Ga.) at the White House to unveil a modified version of a bill the senators first introduced in April.  It would cut immigration by half from the current level of more than 1 million green cards per year granting foreigners permanent legal residence in the United States.

I think it is obvious that our President is trying to sure up his xenophobic, anti-immigration, pro-white-western-world base with these latest policy announcements because there a tidal-wave of odiferous and unsavory financial entailments with Russia that are about to hit the fan.  He needs all the support from the yahoos who care more about white superiority (and, the privilege that comes along with it) that he can muster.

Before those of you who are my Trump supporting friends read this and get bent out of shape, there is a 99% chance that you are not one of the aforementioned “yahoos”.  Most of you live in areas that are predominantly Democratic or at the least “purple.”  Whether you know it or not, no matter how loyal you are to the GOP and Trump, you are not part of the “base” to which the GOP is so desperately trying to hold.   On the contrary, you are probably one of the “fat-cats,” “the coastal elites” that the Alex Jones types (i.e. The Base) hate almost as much as liberals.  In fact, they would hate the Trump family, if it were not for the fact that Mr. MAGA knows what gets their blood boiling:  good old fashioned American resentment of “others.”  Reagan planted the seed in the 1980s, Trump is just harvesting the resultant bumper crop.

There is nothing about affirmative action, MS-13, Transgender soldiers, and non-English speaking green card holders that is more important than fixing the ACA, peace in the Middle East, our running conflict with the Islamic state, Russian interference in our elections, North Korea, and the President’s dysfunctional relationship with the GOP led Congress.  But, he is making little headway on those fronts.  Just read his Twitter feed.

And, as Jon Snow would say, “Winter is Coming.”

So, strap in.  Get ready to see some of the most retrograde policy coming out of this White House since Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, or James Monroe.  (If you don’t understand what I mean, read some history.  Don’t listen to Jared Kushner.  It’s important.)

Personally, I don’t think that President Trump could give a damn about affirmative action or even illegal immigration.  As a matter of fact, he enjoyed having access to undocumented workers to construct his buildings, work in his gourmet restaurants, and manicure his golf resorts.  What he cares about is winning.  What he cares about it being someone perceived to be in a position of power.  And, he is willing to hold on to it by whatever means necessary.  At present, that means keeping the “lock her up / birther / police brutality” crowd highly excited and profoundly distracted.  He is ready to be their champion.

Are you not entertained?

Howard Fletcher is a journalist and podcaster who lives in Silver Spring, MD.  

The Number One 2 Podcast is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Buzzsprout.

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